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Ina May Gaskin Events 2 Days


Welcome to our 2018  Educational Gathering for Mothers & Midwives, Expectant Parents and Professionals

2 Days and 2 DIFFERENT LOCATIONS IN SANDY SPRINGS with world-renowned experts and professionals!

Day 1 is at Sandy Springs Christian Church 1 – 4pm, Day 2 is at Heritage Sandy Springs 1 – 5pm

Day 1 Only not intended for pregnant mothers. Pregnancy Education with Internationally recognized expert panelists  Day 2

OPEN Q & A Panel and Keynote presentation from Ina May Gaskin. Our panel on Day 2 has experts from across the nation, and international treasure Grand Midwife UmmSalaamah Abdullah-Zaimah who trained under Ina May Gaskin on The Farm 40 years ago! Nationally known breastfeeding expert Dr. Joshua Johannson, MD, IBCLC!