INA MAY GASKIN RETURNS TO ATLANTA- February 10 & 11 Sandy Springs

INA MAY GASKIN RETURNS TO ATLANTA- February 10 & 11 Sandy Springs

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Ina May Gaskin Events 2 Days


Welcome to our 2018  Educational Gathering for Mothers & Midwives, Expectant Parents and Professionals

2 Days and 2 DIFFERENT LOCATIONS IN SANDY SPRINGS with world-renowned experts and professionals!

Day 1 is at Sandy Springs Christian Church 1 – 4pm, Day 2 is at Heritage Sandy Springs 1 – 5pm

Day 1 Only not intended for pregnant mothers. Pregnancy Education with Internationally recognized expert panelists  Day 2

OPEN Q & A Panel and Keynote presentation from Ina May Gaskin. Our panel on Day 2 has experts from across the nation, and international treasure Grand Midwife UmmSalaamah Abdullah-Zaimah who trained under Ina May Gaskin on The Farm 40 years ago! Nationally known breastfeeding expert Dr. Joshua Johannson, MD, IBCLC!




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One Stop Shop for safe pregnancy and baby needs!

An Educational Mini Expo for Atlanta Birth Workers and Parents


Educational Gathering for Expectants and Professionals

Uniting parents and parents-to-be with the finest local and national resources and services providers.

DAY 1 Itinerary

Day 2 Itinerary

Fellowship with special guests, sponsors, birth workers and parents

Educational Gathering for Expectants and Professionals



  • Reducing toxins in your home, learn how to make your own baby wipes, shampoo, cleaners.
  • Optimal baby positioning tips, tools and exercises to help avoid c-sections and back labor.
  • Rare opportunities to meet and hear special guest speaker’s keynote presentations, providing unique childbirth and parenting education.
  • Diaper Free Baby – Elimination Communication, natural approach to responding to babies’ elimination needs
  • Positive Discipline Methods
  • Tips, tools and tricks for dads and birth partners to assist with labor, birth and recovery.
  • Different parenting methods and presentations on positive discipline for all ages.
  • Pelvic floor health and safety during pregnancy, delivery and postpartum recovery.
  • Nursing wear, the best fit!
  • Try before you buy demos and product trials such as baby carriers, cloth diapers, breast feeding essentials and more!
  • Essential education, keynote presentations by world renowned specialists and resources.
  • Entertainment for the entire family including face painting and special “kids room” with childcare optional for just $5 a child up to 4 hours per child.
  • Preventing abdominal separation and splitting in pregnancy and postpartum.
  • Book signing and photo opportunities with our special guests.
  • Aromatherapy uses for pregnancy, birth and parenting (relaxation, comfort, diaper rash, tummy aches, compresses for engorgement…)
  • Breastfeeding successfully, getting started with ease.
  • Newborn care demos on baby wearing, swaddling and soothing your fussy baby.